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Trini Turtle

Have you met the walking, talking Turtle with a flag of Trinidad on his chest? If not head on over to and join TriniTurtle on his adventures with Sunny and Sparky as they learn about past and current events of Trinidad. They’ll also be frequenting Matura Beach to visit the protected leather back turtles [...]

Online Valentines: Flowerline

If you are still on the hunt for that Valentines day token, head on over to Flowerline, who currently has a 2008 Valentines collection and Signature Valentines Collection. Floweline consider themselves the premium flower facility in Trinidad and Tobago and stock a wide variety of exotic and tropical flowers second to none on the twin [...]

Weekly Poll: Crimestoppers

The ability to listen to local music of Trinidad and Tobago using the IZATRINI Music Player can now be done directly from Facebook with the launch of the IZATRINI Music Player App. One the application is added to your profile you can add and share your music with everyone by signing up at and [...]

What happens when the #1 Matt in the world and the founding developer of WordPress goes out and purchases a dot TT? Either you get excited for the coffers that may be filled by numerous others seeking to be as clever as or you groan at the process undertaken to register the domain. While [...]

With the 2008 festivities now over its not too early to start the preparation for next year. Luckily the product in the video below called the Hawaii Chair may give you the jumpstart you need as it mimics most of the actions from the past two days. What would be a coup is if you [...]

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