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Episode 8: Grown Woman Tings

Trevor arrives in St Lucia Jazz where he links with Shauna, who’s offered to show him around. They speak excitedly of their upcoming trip to NYC where they’ll re-unite with Brent.

Shauna cautions him as to what kind of game he is playing with Simone the woman who invited him here. Trevor is quite full of himself and swears he can handle himself.

Shauna is unable to reach him, but makes him promise her that he is at least using condoms. Not trusting his follow thru, Shauna decides to pick some up when she stops for gas. While she’s in the mini mart, she bumps into Marc, a friend she’s been trying to connect with. Marc flirts with her and they make plans to have dinner that night. They both start walking towards the cash register, when Shauna thinks about the box of condoms in her hand. Shauna definitely cares what Marc thinks of her.

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Tempo Episode 8

Episode 9: In Da Club Getting Tipsy

Trevor and Shauna discuss her faltering relationship with Marc and the audience finds out whether or not she overcame her fear and purchased the condoms for Trevor. They meet up with Brent where they attend a house party hosted by friends of Brent’s family. Brent reveals the status of his relationship with ALANA. Trevor is intent on scoring a New York girl. And Shauna is caught up in a flirtation with Germaine a friend of Brent’s.

Germaine however is slightly more aggressive than the guys that she’s used to and doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of STOP. When they escape outside for some air, Germaine is intent on taking things further than Shauna permits. When she puts the brakes on things, he reacts aggressively.
Tempo Episode 9

Episode 10: Season Finale

Shauna is more than a little disconcerted from her experience is supported by Trevor, who would prefer to beat the crap out of his “friend.” We learn how Shauna decision and explore her feelings about being violated. Trevor still at the party striking out with New York girls hangs out with his new friends Melvin and Philip, who introduce him to a girl he won’t strike out with.

Ebone is young, and already inebriated and Philip and Melvin help push her over the edge. The guys dance with her and she seems to enjoy the attention. Once she is completely pliable they take her back to their apartment to continue the fun. Philip unfolds a plan for them to take turns with her.
Tempo Episode 10

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