The sixth episode in the Tempo: Choices campaign. It’s entitled With a Little Help From My Friends.

Alana visits a doctor to confirm her pregnancy. The doctor is asking her questions and she’s not quite sure of the answers. The doctor begins delivering a lecture about the dangerous position she is in. If she thinks she might be pregnant, she is also at risk for STD’s.

Alana is shocked by this info and feeling quite fearful she calls Brent, but Shauna answers his phone. Alana spills her sobbing story to Shauna. Shauna understanding her distress tells her to stay put, she’ll be right there. Shauna picks Alana up from the clinic and starts to have a reasonable conversation with Alana, offering to speak to Brent.

Shauna catches up with Brent and Trevor on the beach. After confronting Brent regarding how he treated Alana she counsels him on what he should do. Trevor hearing how informed she is, starts asking questions about STD’s and reveals the news from home, which viewers learned in Episode 4. Shauna counsels him to advise his friend to get tested.

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Tempo Episode 6

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