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Online Banking

Banking in Trinidad and Tobago has always been a tedious process with the long lines and the “unique” customer service at the branches. The four major banks, Royal, Republic, Scotia and First Citizens have introduced online banking, originally for businesses and now for personal banking.

This allows those with the an internet connection to perform simple transactions, reducing the time wasted in transit and in-branch as well as possibly reducing their own operational costs.

To setup the online banking feature though does require that you complete, sign and drop off a form to one of the branches for three of the banks with Scotia allowing a simple call for verification and you can proceed with a temporary password.

As online security should be of uttermost importance to both the banks and consumers I have taken a snapshot to decipher which of these banks inspires confidence with the appearance of their website and login pages.

Which of these banks would you trust with your money if you did not have any prior impression of their service and only had to their online appearance to go by?

Royal Bank

Royal Bank - Online Login


Scotiabank - Online Login

Republic Bank

Republic Bank - Online Login

First Citizens Bank

First Citizens Bank - Online Login

As I do not have a physical account with each of these banks much less an online account if you have access feel free to give some candid user feedback on the usability of the internal websites.


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Comment by HottieHottie
2007-07-16 04:26:41
Take my stupid advice and have NUTTIN to do with Scotiabank. Nuttin. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-07-16 08:02:22
[...] online world as it relates to Trinidad and Tobago, all the things you can do accomplish online like personal banking to emerging sites and functionality to the graveyard of [...]
2007-10-05 07:02:19
[...] Caribbean Owned Banking and Financial Services Group we may also see some more development of their online banking presence that we recently [...]
Comment by Mark Chance
2008-03-17 12:41:47
Cant even check my RBTT Visa Card statement online, much less anything else.
Comment by Shiv
2008-03-26 21:22:04
From first glance i will go with FCB
i do have an account with RBTT and it is not too bad but for some reason the site is more practical for transactions like transfers and pymts.. not so much account information is not up to date..
dunno about the rest.. wont ever bank with Scotia, they have privacy issues. Republic has too many service charges. FCB isnt all that bad and RBTT isnt bad at all despite some minor setbacks.
Comment by sexy....... yep...............
2008-04-09 12:02:00
i have confidence in fcb, i’m banking with them awhile and i;ve had no promblems so far.their staff is very helpful and even advises you in confidence. thank you fcb to hell with the other banks.
Comment by bee
2008-04-12 18:50:47
Im with rbtt, their online page is too simple, it’s easy for a phising hacker to copy this page and fool unsuspecting users, therfore, be careful. If you live in trini make sure the log in page has the following address
Comment by Solmer Thom
2009-01-19 11:36:56
Just a little update to the note below

You should ensure that there is an s at the end of http in the address above, which indicates that you are logging onto a secure site so it should be

Comment by Clayton Browne
2008-10-11 11:34:02
I do not know my URI.
I am with RBTT for the past 35years and enjoy their service. However now that I travel the world over access to my account status is important for paying bills and other important issues online. However over the past 48 hrs I have been unable to access my account. This is quite inconvenient. I am hopeful though that this can be fixed soon because I trust in RBTT service quality
Comment by Dre
2008-10-30 21:18:53
I love my republic account, I never have to wait in line to check my accounts, pay bills, my credit card, and i can even transfer cash to someone else’s account which negates the need really for me to ever walk around with cash. I think that despite the small problems encountered in setting up a republic bank online account, as far as security and privacy and simplicity goes i find that they are the best seeing as it is a relatively new initiative on the bank’s part…. the only reason in my opinion that people get so much difficulty is simply because (and I make no apologies) Trinidadians are lazy and do not like to read properly… cant fight me on that one for sure!
Comment by Miriam
2009-07-23 08:43:39
I use RBTT Suriname, which has the same login screen. E-banking with RBTT is the pits; the forms are user unfriendly; specific language (given to you in a x page manual printed on A4) has to be used. Sometimes all of a sudden recurring transactions are stopped after months because of some non-adherence to what is in ‘the manual’, leaving the user at risk for legal problems b/c of non payment of bills; not all features work etc. We were promised a new system months ago, but alas….

Am seriously considering changing banks.

ps. RBTT, despite the fact that it advertises as a regional bank, charges massively for inter-caribbean/ inter RBTT money transfers. Also, My ATM card for my US dollar account in Suriname doe not work in T&T etc.
It is just an individual bank in each country that happens to have the same logo in different countries

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