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Danah Dutty Wine

Following on the new angles of the Akon Video, another video surfaces of Danah Alleyne dancing at Club Steps in Chaguanas. The video is not time or date stamped so it is unclear whether this was before or after the Zen incident.

I would guess that this would have been before as I don’t expect her to be out in public too much far less in a club performing the “dutty wine”. We also observe her to be somewhat camera shy and actually trying to avoid the camera guy during the until she chooses to look out the window and well at the start when she is the center of attention.

I wonder if we’ll now launch an investigation into the guy in the white tee-shirt gyrating on her seeing that she still is below legal age.

For those keeping count this would be video number three – the Akon video, the unconfirmed soca music video and this Club Steps video.


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2007-05-22 08:41:56
[...] Preach on, Jamila! She’s articulating feelings that I’ve had for a while now. These are the image issues at the root of the doll test, and the social issues that help to lead otherwise good little girls down the road to nowhere uplifting, like a certain fifteen year old Trini girl I don’t even have the energy to defend anymore. [...]
2007-05-27 12:17:58
[...] is presumably video number four or could be an extension of one of the other videos. I won’t be surprised to see a DVD compilation of these and [...]
Comment by antidutywok
2007-06-17 15:39:32
i am sick and fed up of this child
as soon as her parents come to their senses i have a guava whip at their disposal.
further more others please note that these actions which many say are just what adults do at carnival time
bear in mind that this of their own free will/ their choice. as a result others should not encourage this sort of behavior especially among adults, if they want to do it they will, they dont need some one to tell them to. respect the rights of the individual.


Comment by angel
2007-07-18 09:14:53
This girl not easy nah. Is sum good licks she need.Any how she does always be in club steps in Chaguanas. She is not no angel.
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