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In the search for the Top 10 Trinidad and Tobago Blogs some interesting ones were uncovered via the comments and contact form submissions.

While this list is up for debate and interpretation I think it represents a broad cross section of topics while maintaining consistent content quality.

Let me know your thoughts on the ranking as well as what you would have included or excluded.

I may follow up with my thoughts on each specific choice in a future post or within the comments.

Disclaimer: This blog was omitted from consideration. :)

The Top 10 Trinidad and Tobago Blogs

1. Trinidad Carnival Diary
2. Afrobella
3. The Bookmann
4. TriniGourmet
5. The Manicou Report
6. Trinidad and Tobago News
7. The Freedom Chambers
8. Caribbean Public Relations
9. Caribbean Free Radio
10. Now is Wow


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Comment by afrobella
2007-04-30 07:20:22
Hey! I’m number two!!! This really means alot to me, Allyuh. I know I have a lot of American readers, but i really means so much that Trinis are reading my site as well. I am doing my best to infuse Trinidad into everything I do, and to keep our culture in the spotlight. So thank you!
Big respect!
Comment by Dre
2007-04-30 08:29:24
Your welcome!
Comment by Petal
2007-04-30 07:30:51 should be first as Carnival is seasonal.
Comment by The TriniGourmet
2007-04-30 17:19:52
yeah but trini carnival is celebrated year round in various parts of the world and the band launching process and politics of carnival are hardly confined. i think saucy is doing a great job keeping the blog content alive outside of the Dec-Feb crunch :)
Comment by The TriniGourmet
2007-04-30 17:36:00
Thanks for the shoutout, it really means a lot to have that Trini ‘thumbs up’ :)
Comment by Dre
2007-05-01 07:21:03
Your welcome !
2007-04-30 23:16:17
[...] Early this morning it came to my attention that was listed as one of their Top 10 Trinidad and Tobago Blogs! Wowee You can see the list of other winners here. Not surprisingly I am also an avid reader of [...]
2007-05-02 07:47:05
[...] number two!, Trinidad and Tobago’s user driven social content website, ranked Afrobella number two in the [...]
Comment by Chennette
2007-05-02 09:44:04
Congrats to the Top Ten. Nice to see many of my regular reads.
Comment by Karel Mc Intosh
2007-05-02 10:34:21
Thanks for the bligh Dre. Who’d a thunk my seriousy little blog would get a blight. As they say in the award shows, “I’d like to thank ma, pa, and everyone else for this. It means a lot to me. It’s so great to be mentioned in this category with all these other great people. I never expected it. Congrats to everyone. Thank you”. Lol. I mean it eh.
Comment by thebookmann
2007-05-02 11:48:35
To fairly gauge a Blog, one should start with the first post and determine the consistency to its last. If there are variations in its content, the author has not stayed
true to his or her subject. Blogs that lift images, or post and write a commentary in wit are just for entertainment purposes – nothing more or less, but to amuse. And like entertainment that is all it. There are others who have taken consideration by working hard at it.

The internet is one of the greatest inventions, and Blogs in particular have given individuals to share their ideas through visuals, text, sound and moving pictures, all stored by Google, Yahoo or Microsoft, remember this. In retrospect, this is a type of virtual capsule of history where the motives behind our socialites realized that people from all over the world strived for the very same things.

Thank you for your consideration

Comment by Karel Mc Intosh
2007-05-02 15:52:11
Sorry about the typo. I meant “would get a bligh”
Comment by Sherwin
2007-05-02 22:05:30
Feel free to disagree, but Raymond Ramcharitar’s blog is the best local blog I read. I might not agree with all he writes but his words seem to come from true emotion. How bout we see some other alternatives in the comments here?
Comment by Dre
2007-05-09 12:31:34
Thanks Sherwin, it would be interesting to see where this would have ended up if you had posted it in the nominations post.
Comment by Karel Mc Intosh
2007-05-03 08:24:03
Four fingers and a thumb is consistently good,
Comment by Karel Mc Intosh
2007-05-03 08:30:18
You can leave out the www. It’s just
Comment by afrobella
2007-05-05 10:55:50
Thanks for sharing that, Sherwin, I’ve been a longtime admirer of Raymond Ramcharitar’s writing and I had no idea he had a blog! I will link him immediately. I am also a big fan of Attilah’s blog, Four Fingers and a Thumb, and when Hottie is into the blogging (at Modest Goddess, she can be really good as well.
Comment by Saucy
2007-05-06 05:57:22
Thanks for the honour of the top spot with my little ole “fluff” blog, hinestly I would be quite happy being anywhere on your top 10 listing! :D

Blogging is such a personal thing and that’s what makes it so great; in the spirit of the “freedom” of internet it is pretty cool to know that as bloggers we can write about anything,even though it might be trite and mundane to some, and get others who are on the same page to come along for the ride. The best part about blogging for me is the people who visit and the little community that emerged from a mutual love of Carnival.

Some of your top 10 are blogs I regularly vist while others I will be checking out for the first time.

2007-05-08 11:01:29
[...] A couple of changes to the sidebar. Previously the Top Viewed posts were listed between the Recent Comments and Links. This has been replaced by a list of the Top 10 Trinidad and Tobago Blogs. [...]
2007-05-10 20:25:30
[...] from the list and analysis of the Top 10 Trinidad and Tobago Blogs I realized that there were other high quality blogs that either just missed the Top 10 or were not [...]
Comment by Elspeth
2007-05-20 11:25:56
Hi. Thanks for including Now is Wow.
Comment by Justine
2007-06-13 18:52:51
Hey guys

Came across this blog while doing a little web surfing and just thought i would introduce myself.I am new to the bloggers world so feel free to check ou my PR blog.After reading some of the blogs, there are some really great and interesting postings :)

Comment by Dre
2007-06-13 20:40:46
thanks for stopping by and welcome to the Trini blogging community. You and Karel should get along pretty fine.
2007-10-29 08:17:14
[...] has been 6 months since we first published The Top 10 Trinidad and Tobago Blogs. and I believe a follow up is in [...]
Comment by Taran Rampersad
2007-11-02 20:33:36
You didn’t check the Caribbean Blog List I’ve been maintaining since… at least 2 years now.

I’m not on the list, but then I’m not Trini-centric. The world is a little bigger for me. ;-)

Comment by Dre
2007-11-02 22:29:02
you are right about not being trini-centric…
would you agree though that an explosion of local blogs has taken place in the last couple of months?
Comment by Chennette
2007-11-02 23:39:04
Taran, I don’t see the foodblogs on that list…
Comment by hassan voyeau
2009-01-18 02:27:00
There is no blog there with technology content.
Comment by Ryan Persad
2009-10-06 11:39:52
You guys should check out its a sites where the members of post their own original poems
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