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Following up, Trinidad Carnival Diary and The Manicou Report, the fourth in the Featured Friday series we present

MayaroLife which has officially been in existence since January 2005 is a Community Based Organization recognized by the Ministry of Community Development.

As you will gather from the interview MayaroLife with the support of the community is moving forward in meeting its mission of enriching the lives and community experiences of the Nariva/Mayaro residents.

They are tackling these issues while skillfully relying on their natural resourcefulness for funding. Today we sit down with Vice President, Keon Paul to discuss the ongoing and future service to the community.

And now the interview:

Why start MayaroLife?
As the site says in the About Us section, there was a need for a positive change in the small community of Mayaro and this was the way that we decided to do it.

If you had to describe the site in less than 15 words how would you do it?
A website with a lot of potential, we need a lot more resources to get to the level that we want to be.

What is the composition of the team behind MayaroLife, do they all live in or are from Mayaro?
Well no. Two out of the five board members are not from Mayaro.

How did that come about?
The president of the group Kacy Wight was always in Mayaro during childhood, from weekends to holidays you name it he was here, so he has a passion for the area. Candice Henry, well how do I put this, she has special interests in Mayaro.

Since MayaroLife is a Community Based Organization how are the bills paid?
Well initially we personally handled all the bills. Since we are continuing to evolve and expand as we are currently developing an office location with the intention of taking on staff soon, the bills will need to be paid.

We’ve decided that instead of being reliant on the government and private sector that we can put our skills to work and provide services.

How do you plan to achieve this?
We have developed Big Gundee Studios, the first ever media house in the County of Nariva Mayaro. The intention with Big Gundee Studios is to provide videography, photography, PA systems, both video and audio advertisement production, as well as other related services.

So far even though Big Gundee is a new venture, it has been well received and the demand for the service overwhelming. We are therefore currently training more photographers and videographers together with Audio Technicians.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, you can contact us via email at info[at]

So MayaroLife is not just an online project then?
MayaroLife is not just about the site as we have a lot of other work in the pipe line. We recently completed a contract with UNESCO where we were provided financing to train people from the community in radio broadcasting, and to acquire studio equipment.

Our intention is to have a community radio station and we are currently in the process of making this happen. We have also been producing TV content which is being aired on the Mayaro Cable TV Network.

In the not too distant future we will also be entering into another contract with UNESCO which will provide another stepping stone in reaching some other major goals.

When people think Mayaro, they think of the beach, what else is available?
Well to be honest the beach in Mayaro is the main attraction of the village, but if you’re looking for a good hike, there is the hike to the mud volcanoes in Guyaguyare.

In Mayaro you can experience some of the most mystic sun rises you have ever seen, when the gold and orange colors of the sun reflect off the pristine sea water, it reminds you of the true paradise that is Trinidad and Tobago.

For another breath taking romantic view go up to the sea walls in the evening and you can see the sun set over the Trinity Hills or the Three Sisters as they are called in the village. If that doesn’t fit your fancy, just enjoy the great interaction with our friendly welcoming people of the community.

What has been the response of the community about the site?
Very positive, a day doesn’t go by without one of us being stopped and asked how people can help the group, or what they can do to contribute to the development of the site. Its really inspiring the type of support we get.

What are some of your favorite sites besides Allyuh? :)
Hum… well there is this one site I know called MayaroLife they are pretty cool, :) . There is Askmen, don’t know if this can be considered a site but Google is my friend, and last but not least Wikipedia.

Freestyle Friday – Tell us something, anything you want!
If yuh want ah good home cook meal and yuh in Mayaro go to Guya and ask for Carla’s kitchen Hut, trust me you cant go wrong, oh and before yuh get buff… the plums are not part of the menu eh.

What do you see happening with Mayaro Life in the next few years?
We will rule Mayaro!!! MUHAhAAhAAHAAhAA!!!


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